Photos of the Cats  

  The Cats  
  We currently have four cats: Merlin, a Tonkinese, is king cat; very noisy, and often bad-tempered. Orlando, from the same litter as Merlin, is the cat that curiosity killed. He is insatiably nosy, and is generally the one guaranteed to get into trouble, whenever there's some about. Kali, the eldest, is an ex-rescue home Siamese and would be much happier without any other cats in the house. She dislikes people as well, but whether that's because she was mistreated when young, or just because she's Kali, we don't know. Winston is the youngest, a Birman, and seems to have skipped school the day they handed the brains out. He's very good-natured but really doesn't have a lot up top.  

Kali A young Winston Merlin, Orlando and Winston Merlin, Winston and Kali
Orlando, asleep in a potting tray Merlin and Orlando in front of the fire Merlin and Orlando asleep in front of the fire Merlin and Orlando asleep in front of the fire
Kali Orlando A forlorn-looking Winston Merlin
Orlando Merlin Merlin, king of all he surveys Merlin
Merlin A young Orlando A very young Winston, and a very grumpy Merlin Orlando
Orlando, asleep in the sun A very young Winston Orlando helping Ray with his computing Winston, asleep
Orlando Orlando Winston, in a potting tray Winston, asleep in the sun

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