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  This page contains pictures that didn't really fit in the other categories, but don't (yet, at least) merit a page of their own.  
  We have a garden, with two (very small) ponds, and we live in the countryside. This means we get all sorts of creatures in our gardens.  

A badger eating peanuts on our porch A rat on the bird feeder A bee A frog in the pond
A bee Bee Emerging From Nesting Tube Common Wasp

  Both our ponds attract dragonflies. Here's a set of shots taken throughout a day of an adult emerging from the nymph stage.  
Dragonfly shedding its nymph casing Dragonfly drying  out, wings still stuck together Dragonfly with wings now spread Dragonfly, wings spread, with more colour to its body

  We get lots of birds. When we've finally taken enough photos, we'll probably make this a page of its own.  
Bluetit Dunnock Bluetit Dunnock
Long-tailed tit Robin Wood Pigeon Chaffinch
Great Spotted Woodpecker Great Tit Greenfinch
Goldfinch A pair of Greenfinches Nuthatch Goldfinches
Greenfinch (possibly female) Starling Pair of Starlings Collared Dove
Male and Female Robins Chaffinch in the snow
A Robin in the snow A pair of Long-tailed Tits 4 Long-tailed Tits Swans in the canal behind our house
Finches fighting over the feeder  

  Just some photos of Stonehenge. The only notable thing is that, because the trip was organised for outside normal public viewing times, we managed to get photos that weren't filled with other visitors.  
Stonehenge Stonehenge Stonehenge Stonehenge
Stonehenge Stonehenge Stonehenge  

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